Starting September 1, Ohioians will be able to access self-directed, self-paced online learning for users of any skill level through using their public library card. To get a library card, please visit a public library in Ohio nearest you. If you need help finding a library, please visit OPLIN’s Find A Library tool.

How to Access’s Continuous Learning Resources

To access resources through, you will need a library card from an Ohio public library. To find a public library in Ohio near you, please visit our Find A Library tool. Contact your public library to make sure your card is current.

Once you have logged into with your library barcode you must create a personalized account by entering your name and email address. This account can help you manage your course history, playlists, bookmarks, and Certificates of Completion. Many courses also feature files for you to practice your skills with, so that if you're watching a tutorial about Microsoft Excel you can follow the activity with downloadable, pre-populated Excel spreadsheet files.

If you arrived at this page from, please note that your activity in will not be saved to your OMJ backpack.

What is has more than 6,600 courses, ranging from computer programming to project management including instruction on various computer software, programming languages, and business topics. Learning paths are step-by-step structured courses, supported with quizzes, practice, and learning reminders to encourage you and support you as you make progress towards your goal. Examples of learning paths include how to become a web developer, manager, bookkeeper, project manager, small business owner, digital marketer, or digital illustrator.

Thousands of Courses Available

With a public library card, you can access free training in:

What are some other tools I can use to improve my skills?

Free virtual learning center to help you prepare for the academic and professional challenges you will face, from high school and college tests to successful career and business skills to citizenship prep and exams is available through Whether you're a student, an adult, a military veteran or an employer looking to hire, the newly expanded can help. Learn more at